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Our fantastic selection of Leotards and accessories will have you sparkling like never before!

Washing Instructions

We recommend all leotards are turned inside out prior to washing. Garments should be washed separately. Hand Wash/Machine wash gently in a large volume of cold water, using a very mild detergent. Rinse immediately. Hang dry on a thick plastic hanger.

DO NOT use bleach, harsh detergents or fabric conditioner. 

DO NOT allow to soak.

DO NOT leave folded when wet.

DO NOT lay flat to dry. Mystique/foiled fabrics may dull with repeated washing.

DO NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric.

DO NOT iron. The heat from an iron can melt and/or discolour the delicate fabrics. Excessive heat can also loosen Diamantes/Crystals and cause them to fall off.

Areas that incur friction or are in contact with perspiration or deodorant may show some wear in the foil over time., especially when two colours meet under the arms. We recommend the use of pure crystal deodorant.

Alcohol in all aerosol products, such as hairspray, affect these fabrics. Please cover garment before applying. Perfumes and body lotions can also affect fragile fabrics.

Washing instructions can be found on our garment labels. All our leotards are made from special and delicate fabrics and should be cared for accordingly. We will not be held responsible for garments returned to us that have not been washed following these instructions.

Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabrics to fade or lose foil.


Leotastic specialises in Gymnastics and Dance Leotards. Each design is created with comfort, styling and performance in mind.

Outstanding creations that give an impressive look, both in training and competitions. All fabrics are of high quality so the gymnast feels extra special in one of our designs. With an extensive national and international customer base, mainly built up from word of mouth we pride ourselves in the fact that our customers return to us time and time again for quality and affordable gym wear. We will always try to provide a high level of service.

If you need advice on sizing, changing a colours in a design or a club order, just get in touch either by email or phone.

Email: leotastic@hotmail.co.uk

TEL: 07414254887

Shop: 12 Mill Lane


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