Brand Rep Search

Could you be our next Leotastic Rep?

We are looking for gymnasts both in the UK and across the globe to represent Leotastic and help grow awareness of our Brand. We are looking for girls and possibly a boy aged 5+ to join our team, they must be confident infront of the camera and have an engaged audience on Instagram.

We will be looking for great role models and gymnasts that love their sport, someone who can show their passion, personality and style in their Instagram posts.

Want to get involved – then please read our FAQs below!

How to apply?

Step 1: Follow us on Instagram @leotasticgw

Step2: Check out our Instagram page and REPOST our ‘Brand Rep Search’ post on your own page and Tag #leotasticbrandrep2020 in the comments.

Step 3 : Tag 3 friends in our post.

Step 4: Be creative, think outside the box and create a photo post, video or TikTok showing your you wearing your favourite Leotastic Leotard with an explanation why you want to represent Leotastic.

What will I recieve and what will I have to do?

For a period of 6 months you will have the chance to model for Leotastic and be able to refer to yourself as ‘Leotastic Brand Rep’.

You will recieve garments throughout the 6 months from our collections.

You will recieve a 20% discount for any purchases you make.

We will require you to post 2 photos per week and 1 video every two weeks wearing your Leotastic garments. Every post must mention @leotasticgw and #leotasticgymwear or #leotasticleotards

You may also be asked to be present at local photoshoots.

We expect our Brand Reps not to be endorsing any other gymnastics brands throughout the 6 months period. However you will be able to post images wearing other brands.

Where will my photos, videos etc be used?

Any image you post on Instagram or have taken at one of our photoshoots may be used in all aspects for Leotastic Branding. This could be our website, emails, social media and advertising!

Do I need parental/guardian permission?

All applicants needs to have consent from a parent/guardian to apply!

If selected, parents/guardians will be contacted and you will recieve a contract that has to be signed by both Parent/Guardian and Gymnast before we publicly confirm enrolement into our Brand Rep programme.

A parent/guardian will need to be present at all photoshoots.

All instagram accounts must be monitored by Parents/Guardians.

When is the closing date?

Our search is open to gymnasts in the UK and Worldwide from 7th November and the closing date is 25th November 2020


If you have any other questions, then please contact us on Instagram or Facebook.